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Our QHSE Policy and Objective

PT Pipe Coating Indonesia aims to be the most professional and reputable coating applicator in the business, providing customers with the most advanced & flexible line pipe coating solutions.

WHEREVER AND WHENEVER, the company is committed to,

Providing products and services meeting our customers' highest level of expectations in both quality and value by strictly following the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

Maintaining and striving for continual improvement in health, safety and environment for our people through provision of adequate resources and strictly following the statutory requirements given by the government laws and regulations.

Continually strengthening the approach control and diligently following the accountability system for product quality, production safety and occupational health, achieving the objectives of

  • Ensuring 100% ex-factory passing rate and minimizing the quality loss,
  • Continual improvement in the satisfaction of customer and related parties,
  • Taking corrective and preventive actions timely to prevent any incident, injury and pollution from occurring within the company scope

This integrated management system policy and objective has been established by top management of the company to provide guidelines all employees in its actions. To ensure that it is understood and implemented at all levels of the company, the annual objectives and targets is set up accordingly and the policy is explained and discussed during general induction of new employees, and is reviewed annually with all employees of the company.