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Gresem Pipe Line

Project Description

48,6 Km Length of 28” OD pipe was being coated for Gresik-Semarang Project for Consortium Wika-Rabana-Kelsri. In accordance with this 5 km was Concrete Weight Coated (CWC).

Project Details
Customer : Consorsium WIKA-Rabana-Kelsri
Project Name : Jasa Perancangan Pengadaan dan Konstruksi Pembangunan Pipa Transmisi Gas Gresik – Semarang
Project Location : Gresik – Semarang, Indonesia
Total Length : 48,6 Km (4054 jts)
End User : PT. Pertamina Gas
Coating Specification : 3LPE : 2mm 
CWC : coating thck 95mm
Year Completed : 2015